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The Drautz-Able vineyard was founded 1496 in the soft hills of Heilbronn in Baden Württemberg, Germany. Today Markus Drautz and his wife Stephanie de Longville are running this vineyard - in the 18th generation - and on the highest level of passion & quality standards.

This excellent BLANC SEKT is a cuvèe from white pressed Pinot Noir and Black Riesling grapes, fermented in the bottle and disgorged after 84 months. It's complex and vibrant flavor of yellow fruits, herbs and nuts are elegant, seductive and well structured in the mouth; creating a harmonic and long finish while drinking.

We are proud that the Markus & Stephanie bottled this 2014 vintage BLANC SEKT also in a 6 x 0.75 liter Signature Bottle set- exclusively for the KMFAP Dames & Knights.

Enjoy the complete harmony from a more than 500 years old winery ... a delight par EXCELLENCE for any palate !

Yours in Saint John


AWARDS & Acknowledgement

Darutz Able Vineyard

Gault-Millau: 3 Grapes
Eichelmann: 3 Stars
Falstaff Guide:  4 Stars
further informations: Deutschland - Württemberg - 11,5% vol. - enthält Sulfite, Extra Brut -
Abfüller: Weingut Drautz-Able, Faißstrasse 23, 74076 Heilbronn, Deutschland
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